Syron Vanes is a Swedish heavy metal band formed in 1980 hailing from Malmoe, Sweden.

Originally assembled by former Drummer Staffan Lindstedt and guitarist Anders Hahne, Syron Vanes were one of the first NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy metal) bands and were a big part of the early Swedish Heavy Metal scene.
"We just wanted to be rock stars Anders Hahne recalls. Syron Vanes was hailed in the music press as the new big thing and appeared in almost every rock magazine.
Over the years the band have racked up album sales in the hundreds of thousands, and with a number of albums and legendary festivals such as Sweden Rock under their belt the band are back with their newest record vil Redux
Syron Vanes have enjoyed more than 30 years in the music business, and while there have been breaks from touring and releases over their career, the band are back as a 4 piece made of Anders Hahne, Rimbert Vahlstroem, Mats Bergentz and Anders Sellborn, and with their hard as hell album vil Redux having received such an amazing response, they certainly have no plans to retire!
After having signed to Metal Music Bookings & Management in late 2013, the band are set to head out on tour with the legendary Jake E. Lee Red Dragon Cartel this summer, and this is a tour not to be missed!

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